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Joeri Billast is a Podcast Academy Member

Joeri Billast

Verified Podcast Academy Member

"Dylan seems to know everything there is to know about podcasting. On top of that he is a very enjoyable person to listen to. I would definitely recommend Podcast Academy for everyone who wants to start or grow their podcast."

Carolina Sotomayor is a Podcast Academy Member

Carolina Sotomayor

Verified Podcast Academy Member

"I was able to take all of the valuable content and apply it to my season two and it has been amazing. The feedback I'm getting from my social media engagement has been incredible. Don't wait and join Podcast Academy. You won't regret it!"

Brian Drake is a Podcast Academy Member

Brian Drake

Verified Podcast Academy Member

"Podcasting piqued my interest - but it’s not until Podcast Academy - and recording my first episode do I feel hooked. There’s no going back. Podcasting is going to be a decision I stick with."

No contracts • Satisfaction Guaranteed

So, Why Podcast Academy?

Let's face it – podcasting involves a lot. From recording and editing to marketing and monetization, your fun idea for a podcast can quickly become an overwhelming chore.That's where Podcast Academy comes in.Podcast Academy allows you to host the podcast you've always wanted without the stress, excessive spending, or the need to be a celebrity.

Podcast Academy is the best place to learn how to podcast

Get In Front Of The Right Audience

Finding effective ways to promote your podcast used to be a challenge, but with Podcast Academy, we've got it down to a science

Growing Your Podcast On Your Own

  • Dealing with Sporadic Listeners

  • Having Trouble Monetizing

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Technical Difficulties

Following The Podcast Academy Roadmap

  • Publish High-Quality Episodes

  • Experience Consistent Growth

  • Expand Your Network

  • Leave An Impact & Legacy

Are You Tired Of Putting In Effort But Not Getting Different Results?

Then Sign Up For Podcast Academy Today!

No contracts • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Podcast Academy by Dylan Schmidt will teach you how to podcast

Get listeners stress-free

We're the all-in-one podcasting program designed to get listeners from sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram or TikTok... and bring them to your podcast!
If you've ever been on one of those sites, and you saw a podcast clip or promotion – if they know what they're doing – the podcast followed a process and template just like we provide in our Podcast Academy!
And guess what? You'll have access to everything inside! (Yep, yours to keep forever.)

But Podcast Academy Offers Even More...

Gain Confidence Knowing You’re Up-to-Date With the Latest Trends

Podcast Academy

Podcast Academy Is...

Your Starting Point

Launching a podcast and staying consistent used to be a grind. What would normally be exhausting and lead to burnout can now be handled with ease!

With Podcast Academy Launch Tools, you can...

  • Unlock a toolbox of editing skills ensuring every episode sounds professional.

  • Learn why some celebrity podcasts fade while authentic voices thrive and grow.

  • Create your standout brand in the podcast realm, proving that relatable content wins hearts.

Podcast Academy Replaces:

  • Endless "How-To" YouTube videos

  • Confusing YouTube tutorials that don't get to the point.

  • Wasting time and money trying to follow your passion.

Start your podcast today with Podcast Academy

No contracts • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Grow your podcast with Podcast Academy

No contracts • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Podcast Academy Is...

Your Reach Amplifier

If you are taking your podcast seriously and want to attract listeners without spending a bunch of money on advertisements, you'll need a simple and effective plan to follow.

With Podcast Academy Growth Tools, you can...

  • Transform from a podcasting newbie to a recognized industry expert.

  • Build and nurture a thriving community of engaged and loyal listeners.

  • Collaborate with industry leaders, boosting your podcast's credibility and appeal.

Podcast Academy Replaces:

  • Hiring an expensive marketing team.

  • Moving fast and going nowhere.

  • Not enough time in the day to do it all.

Podcast Academy Is...

Your Path To Monetization

Getting listeners is great. But getting support for your show is critical if you want real podcast growth.

With Monetization Methods, you can...

  • Dive deep into monetization methods, from sponsorships to premium content.

  • Make your podcast not just a passion but a lucrative career.

  • Experience holistic personal growth – as your podcast rises, so do your confidence, network, and opportunities beyond the mic.

Podcast Academy Replaces:

  • Expensive sales coaches who don't understand podcasts.

  • Ad placements that are reserved for "the big celebrity shows".

  • Waiting until you have a star on the walk of fame before you start monetizing your podcast.

Monetize your podcast with Podcast Academy

No contracts • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast Academy

Podcast Academy Gives You Everything You Need For Stress-Free Podcasting

Best Practices

Know exactly what to do to make your podcast successful


Sound like a pro, without spending money on fancy gear


Cut editing time in half and make the process a breeze


Get in front of more listeners in less time using proven tactics


Make your podcast website attract new listeners

Book Guests

Use a proven script that will help you land dream guests

Social Media

Promote your show on social media that encourages growth

Video Podcasts

Follow a plan to create your thriving video podcast


Whether it's your 1st time or 10th time, launch confidently


Create a newsletter that builds your audience


Manage your podcast using the included show template


Repurpose your podcast content across social media


Know exactly what to say and when to say it


Turn your podcast into a profitable endeavour


Never podcast alone again, get the help you need

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Podcast Academy

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